Fish and Wildlife Economics and Statistics
Rob Southwick

Rob Southwick


Rob Southwick is the President of Southwick Associates. For more than 25 years, Southwick Associates has been the leader in fish and wildlife economics and expert in outdoor-related business trends. Natural resource agencies, industry and the media look to Southwick Associates to learn more about the economic and business-related aspects of fishing, hunting and other outdoor recreations. Since the 1980’s, Southwick Associates has provided detailed economic assessments of hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor activities. In 2006, Southwick Associates developed AnglerSurvey and HunterSurvey to provide the outdoor industries with business intelligence about sportsmen’s purchasing habits and to identify leading brands and industry trends. Southwick Associates has also actively assisted state and industry efforts to boost fishing and hunting participation by identifying target audience, strategies and evaluating response to marketing campaigns. We also help individual companies understand the size of their specific markets and assess the potential of proposed business ventures. On the international front, Southwick Associates has organized the development of economic models and surveys to demonstrate the important economic contributions of sportfishing to Latin American countries, and has helped the U.S. alligator industry open business in Russia and China. Rob Southwick received his economics training at the University of Florida, and began his career working for the Sport Fishing Institute. Timely and dependable, Southwick Associates provides the outdoor community with the expert intelligence needed to improve success and profitability.