Time to Prepare for 2019!

2019Increasing competitive threats, non-traditional consumers, and technology are constantly impacting the way companies do business.  It’s no longer good enough for owners and managers to “go with their gut” or make decisions on “how business has always been done”.  Today, more than ever companies need accurate, current, and specific information to make the best-informed decisions.  While Southwick Associates produces a variety of syndicated reports that provide broad information for many companies, a key component of our business is conducting custom, confidential research to help companies with their specific strategic and business decisions.  Just a few of the areas Southwick Associates can help companies include brand awareness/brand perceptions (how strong is my brand among consumers, and how does it compare to competitor or store brands, and how much more is my brand worth than my competitors?), consumer segmentation (what unique groups of customers exist in my market, what are their common purchase motivations, attitudes, usage habits, and how do I best reach them?), and innovation/product development (what are the customers unmet needs, and what is the optimal set of features and price points that customers want that will enable me to maximize my profits?).  To discuss your specific information needs and possibilities, contact Nancy Bacon (Nancy@SouthwickAssociates.com). We will also be available to meet in-person at the SHOT Show this coming January.