Fish and Wildlife Economics and Statistics

Fishing & Hunting Tourism

Hunting and fishing generate billions of dollars each year, not only in the United States, but around the globe. These are two critical parts of a thriving ecotourism industry that can funnel money into otherwise remote and impoverished areas. Working to grow the businesses and available opportunities in any nation requires hard data that can illustrate the overall economic benefits generated by outdoor recreation.

Southwick can help agencies, organizations and governments understand what potential visitors seek in a travel experience, how they view particular countries or regions, where prospective visitors are located, how to market to them and what improvements need to occur in an area for people to desire to travel there, including infrastructure and recreational offerings.

Southwick works closely with agencies and contractors to identify the optimal ways to grow fishing and hunting tourism income, as well as the needed changes in policy or infrastructure improvements to realize new growth.

When deciding which country to visit, sportsmen and women have many choices. Why would they choose your country? Southwick Associates has help many countries better understand the various segments of anglers and hunters interested in your country, what each segment wants from their travel experience, how they get their information plus tactics which can boost the number visitors. If you want to increase the number of fishing & hunting tourism to your nation, contact Rob Southwick to discuss how Southwick Associates can best serve you.