Market and Consumer Research

A rapidly changing business landscape, consolidation, and growth in non-traditional consumers are just a few of today’s challenges. For more than 30 years, Southwick Associates has helped outdoor companies reduce decision-making risks by explaining:

Market Size and Composition

  • What is the size of my market?
  • What is my market share? My competitors’ shares?
  • What are the retail channels and price points within my market?
  • How are customers using my products?

Consumer / Market Segmentation

  • What are the unique groups, or personas, comprising my market?
  • What are their purchasing motivations, attitudes and usage habits?

Message Testing

  • Which messages resonate best with my customers, and which advertising mediums capture their attention?

Innovation / Product Development

  • What features are customers looking for in my product or service?
  • What is the optimal set of features customers want? What will they pay?

Brand Awareness / Brand Perception

  • How do consumers perceive my brand – and my competitors’ brands?
  • How much more is my brand worth to the consumer than my competitors’ brands?

Customer Satisfaction

  • How satisfied are my customers with my products and services?
  • What do I need to improve?

GIS Location and Lifestyle Mapping

  • Where are my target customers clustered?
  • What are the best locations for a new store or promotions?

Use Market & Consumer Research to your Advantage

Harness the data and trends of your customers to reach them more effectively. Contact Southwick Associates to see how market and consumer research can help your company.