Who We Are

Better information, better decisions.

Southwick Associates helps organizations make better decisions through better information. With a specialty in the hunting, fishing, target shooting, conservation and firearms sectors, since 1990 we’ve served a wide range of outdoor-oriented clients, including outdoor manufacturers (highly confidential!), natural resource agencies, conservation non-profits, investment and legal firms. We’ve been recognized as the outdoor sector’s premier source of new knowledge. Our staff, located across the U.S., work in a collaborative, flexible environment that allows us to take our clients to new levels of success.

What We Do

  • Economic impact and valuation studies
  • Consumer motivations and preference research
  • Evaluation of R3 efforts and corporate marketing campaigns
  • Market sizing and trends research
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • License and permit design and pricing
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • New product feedback, pricing, and preferred features
  • Consumer surveys
  • Brand awareness and perceptions
  • Regression analyses

… and much more!