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Proportions of Excise Taxes Generated by Hunting and Non-hunting Activities

Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration excise taxes are generated by hunting-related and non-hunting related activities. Non-hunting activities are generally comprised of recreational shooting, home and self-defense, firearms collecting and non-law

The Missing Link in R3: Making Mentorship Work

“Mentoring” has been increasingly emphasized within the R3 community as a priority R3 effort critically needed to help reverse the declining trend in hunting and target shooting. The purpose of this project is to begin identifying and quantifying the factors most critical to delivering mentoring enterprises at scale.

COVID-19 NICS and Longer Term Trends

COVID-19 NICS and Longer Term Trends 4-3-20 FREE DOWNLOAD Send download link to:

Benefits of the Voluntary Public Access & Habitat Incentive Program

Access to quality lands for hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation is one of the greatest challenges facing sportsmen today. As part of the 2008 Farm Bill, the Voluntary Public

America’s Sporting Heritage 2018

America’s Sporting Heritage: Fueling the American Economy, prepared by Southwick Associates for the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation, ties the economic impacts of hunting, sportfishing, and target shooting together. With at least 53 million Americans

Target Shooting in America 2018

According to NSSF’s new report, Target Shooting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation, interest in target shooting is at an all-time high, up 28 percent since 2001. Driving much of

Hunting in America 2018

There are also at least 11.5 million hunters over the age of 15 in this country spending $27.1 billion a year on equipment and travel. Of these hunters, most (7.9

Sportfishing in America 2018

A year-round activity, sportfishing generates significant economic output. With 49 million recreational anglers in the United States six years of age and older, nearly 1 in 7 Americans take to the water

Evaluating the Influence of R3 Treatments on Fishing License Sales in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has implemented several different programs aimed at recruiting, reactivating, and retaining anglers (R3), with some programs dating back as far as 2008. This study was undertaken to understand how six of these angler programs might have

State License Pricing and Design

Southwick Associates has helped many states boost revenues by designing better-selling licenses and identifying optimal prices. Contact Southwick Associates for a sample of these reports.

The Outdoor Recreation Economy Report

A national study examining the economic impact of outdoor recreation in the U.S. It tracks annual spending by Americans in pursuit of outdoor recreation across 10 activity categories. It also documents the direct jobs supported by this spending as well as federal and state/local taxes generated. Commissioned by Outdoor Industry Association.


The major activities that generate Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration excise tax revenues can be divided into hunting-related and non-hunting related categories. Non-hunting activities are generally comprised of recreational shooting,

Firearms Consumer Segmentation Insights

To grow and succeed in the shooting sports industry, it is critical to understand customers’ evolving and diverse needs, and how customers’ needs differ. To assist, the NSSF conducted its first-ever

NSSF First-Time Firearm Buyers Segmentation Summary

Download “Future Gun Owners of America” Future-Gun-Owners-of-America-Report.pdf – Downloaded 224 times – 3 MB

Economic Contributions of Hunting-Related Tourism in Eastern and Southern Africa

SCI Foundation has commissioned a report, produced by Southwick Associates, on the economic contribution of hunting in Sub-Saharan Africa.  This report investigates the extent of hunters’ annual spending and the

Fishing License Renewals and Angler Lifestyles

This report, produced for the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), shows the high churn rate among anglers and provides insights into the various lifestyles within the angling population. Check out the Fishing

2015 NSSF Hunter Churn and Lifestyle Summary Report

This report, produced for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), shows the high churn rate among hunters and provides insights into the various lifestyles within the hunting population. Check out

Recreational Fishing in New Zealand

Recreational Fishing in New Zealand Market Research Recreational Saltwater fishing is a popular activity for hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders. People participate in recreational fishing for a variety of

Women in the Outdoors 2015

A study of women in the outdoors’ activities, perceptions, purchases, and related media consumption related to fishing, shooting and hunting.

On the Fence about Fishing

A study of Why Anglers Do and Don’t Fish and what will get them on the Water

Costa Rica – Economic Contributions of Angling 2009

The dollars brought into Costa Rica by U.S. and Canadian anglers are reported along with the resulting jobs, GDP contributions and tax revenues. The economic contributions between recreational and commercial

A Survey of Oregon’s Resident & Nonresident Sportsmen 2013

Southwick Associates conducted surveys on behalf of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in November and December of 2013. The surveys were aimed at resident and nonresident hunting and fishing license customers to estimate the potential effects of possible regulation and license changes.

Birding in the United States 2011

The following report provides up-to date information so birders and policy makers can make informed decisions regarding the management of birds and their habitats. This report identifies who birders are, where they live, how avid they are, and what kinds of birds they watch. In addition to demographic information, this report also provides an economic measure of birding. It estimates how much birders spend on their hobby and the economic impact of these expenditures.

5-State/Regional reports from Hunter/AnglerSurvey and SAMM

5-State/Regional Reports from AnglerSurvey, HunterSurvey and SAMM are available to agencies and NGOs
Western, Southeast, North Plains, Northeast, South Central.
Email Cody@southwickassociates.com for a report.

New Mexico Economics of Hunting, Fishing & Trapping

New Mexico’s Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) commissioned a study of fishing, hunting and trapping to estimate county-level and statewide activity and to determine the contribution that fishing, hunting, and trapping activity make to the state’s economy. Drawing from license sales records and survey-based data sources, this report presents economic contributions based on retail spending in New Mexico attributable to recreational fishing, hunting, and trapping in the state.

Profiles of Arkansas Resident Fishing and Hunting License Customers 2008-2012

Just over one million unique Arkansas residents purchased a fishing or hunting license between 2008 and 2012 (Table 1). Of these, 89.5% purchased a fishing license and 43.7% purchased a hunting license. Over one-half purchased fishing licenses only, a third purchased both fishing and hunting licenses, and 10.5% purchased only hunting licenses (Table 1 and Figure 1).

Panama Sportfishing Economics

October 22, 2013 – Panama Sportfishing Economics – With its tropical climate and nearly 3,000 kilometers of unspoiled coastline stretching over two coasts—along the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south—Panama holds the geographical fortune to position itself as one of the top saltwater fishing destinations in the world.

Hunting and Fishing Excise Taxes: Big Benefits for Business in America

Hunting & Fishing Excise Taxes: Big Benefits for Business in America Imagine a business investment that yields a return of more than 1,000 percent. If you were to guess the

NFWF Conservation Economy Report

In the broadest sense, natural resources conservation refers to a wide range of activities designed to protect wildlife, restore habitats, reduce use of limited resources or encourage recycling of consumer waste, among

CFLRP Economic Impact Report

This study was conducted to provide estimates of the economic significance of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLR Program) to the three regions specified for the study. The regions include the

Comparing NOAA’s Recreational and Commercial Fishing, Economic Data Report

In 2011 recreational anglers landed more than 204.9 million pounds of saltwater fish. In pursuit of these fish, saltwater anglers spent $26.8 billion on fishing tackle and equipment and trip-related goods

NSSF Report: Hunter Education Graduates’ Proclivity to Purchase A License

The purpose of this study was to identify the percentage of hunter education graduates who purchase a license after completing their training, and how often they continue to purchase in

Benefits of the Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program (VPA-HIP): 2011

The 2008 Farm Bill included a new provision called the “Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program” (VPA program) formerly known as the “Open Fields” legislation.  The goal of the

Conserving lands and prosperity: Seeking a proper balance between conservation and development in the Rocky Mountains West 2012

Public lands comprise a major portion of the western landscape and shape rural economies and cultures by providing raw materials, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat and desirable scenic qualities. Management goals for public lands range from conservation to development of commodity resources such as oil, gas and minerals. This paper examines the relationship between economic security and varying land management and usage strategies in the rural Rocky Mountain West.

NSSF: Understanding Activities that Compete With Hunting and Target Shooting 2012

Maintaining America’s hunting and recreational shooting traditions is important for many
reasons, chief among them being that the hunting and sport shooting industries provide
thousands of jobs annually. Also, hunters and target shooters are essential to species
management and habitat conservation through the funds they donate to conservation, as well as
the excise taxes they pay on hunting and shooting equipment. For this reason, it is essential that
the American traditions of hunting and target shooting be continued.

Economic Contributions of Outdoor Recreation on the Colorado River & Its Tributaries 2011

In 2011, a random household survey of residents in Colorado River-basin states was conducted by phone to estimate recreational activity that occurred along or on the Colorado River and its

Oklahoma – Economic Contributions of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Watching in Oklahoma 2006

This report presents the economic contributions of outdoor sportsmen and wildlife viewers in Oklahoma

North Carolina – The Economic Impact of Mountain Trout Fishing in North Carolina 2009

This study was conducted for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to determine mountains trout anglers’ contribution to North Carolina’s economy

New Jersey – Hunting & Fishing Economics of New Jersey 2011

This short document lists the economic contributions of New Jersey’s hunters, anglers and wildlife viewers and compares them to well-known businesses, events & everyday activities.

Missouri 2008 Wetland Values

This report provides values for different types and quality of Missouri wetlands.

Michigan – Saginaw Bay Wetlands Economics 2006

This report measures the recreation and existence values held by the general public and sportsmen for Saginaw Bay coastal wetlands.

Iowa – Economic Contributions of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Watching in Iowa 2006

Economic contributions of outdoor sportsmen and wildlife viewers in Iowa for 2006

Florida – Economic Values of Walton County Beaches: A Benefit Transfer Analysis 2008

This report identifies the relative economic values held for Walton County beaches with values separated by various beaches use including

Florida – Economic Contributions of Wildlife Watching in Florida 2006

This report presents the economic contributions of wildlife viewing, photography and feeding in Florida for 2006.

California – The Potential Economic and Conservation Impacts of Proposed Marine Recreational Fishing Closures in Southern California 2009

This study reports the economic impacts of sportfishing to Southern California

Alaska – Economic Impacts and Contributions for Sportfishing in Alaska 2007

Sportfishing participation and economic impacts in Alaska, with regional and species details.

Introductory User-Friendly Report: ASA-AFWA License Analysis Summary Report 2007

Lifestyles of various segments of the fishing public, the churn rate (how often anglers buy licenses), and more. types of people who fish.

A Portrait of Hunters and Hunting License Trends 2010

Analysis of hunter licenses and churn rates, using state and regional information.

Recreational Use and Economics of Conservation Reserve Acreage: A National Survey of Landowners – FSA-CRP 2008

Survey of CRP-enrolled landowners that quantifies the percentage of those who open their lands for recreation

State and National Economic Effects of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Related Recreation on U.S. Forest Service-Managed Lands 2007

This report quantifies the state and national economic effects of trips to U.S. Forest Service-managed lands

National & Regional Report: AFWA-ASA Fishing License Analysis Technical Report 2007

This technical report presents the full national and regional results plus methodology.

Mexico – The Economic Contributions of Anglers to Los Cabos Economy 2009

This report quantifies the retail sales, jobs, tax revenues and overall economic activity from sportfishing. The report explains the how visiting anglers and the area’s famous fisheries benefit Mexico’s economy.

Ohio Fishing License Report

This study examines several years of fishing license records for the state of Ohio

Arkansas Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Arkansas.

Colorado Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Colorado.

Florida Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Florida.

Kentucky Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Kentucky.

Maryland Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Maryland.

Michigan Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Michigan.

Montana Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Montana.

Nebraska Fishing License Report

This study examines fishing license records for the state of Nebraska.

Nevada Fishing Licenses Report

This study examines several years of fishing license records for the state of Nevada