2020 Economic Impacts of Recreational Fishing

Fishing is an activity enjoyed by many Americans; it’s a perfect way to spend time alone or with family and friends. While fishing doesn’t need to be costly, angler spending adds up! The average American angler spends $1,037 annually, creating and supporting 826,000 jobs. As a whole, American anglers generate $129 billion in economic output each year and account for the largest single block of support for fisheries conservation across the country. This support leads to cleaner water and better fishing opportunities, which in turn inspires more people to take to the water with rod and reel in hand. These impacts are also felt at the local level. You can learn about the impact anglers have regionally by exploring our one-page infographics for each of the 435 Congressional districts.

The one-page infographics and the Sportfishing In America economic impact report can be found on the American Sportfishing Association website. This work was conducted by Southwick Associates on behalf of the American Sportfishing Association.