316(b) Services for Utility Companies and Engineers

Southwick Associates is a leader in supporting utility companies’ 316(b) economic comparison needs. We are experts in the economics and potential benefits associated with measures designed to address impingement and entrainment. With very competitive rates, we have performed numerous cost-benefit studies for engineering firms handling the 316(b) application process for their utility clients.

Our 316(b) services include:

  • Quantifying use and non-use values of fisheries, wildlife and natural resources to support regulatory compliance;
  • Utilities save significant time and receive maximum results by hiring Southwick Associates as we are experts in recreational fishing and the potential benefits associated with proposed measures to address impingement and entrainment; plus
  • Our low rates compared to standard utility research contractors allows engineering firms to present their clients with cost-effective, high value research options.

Get your 316(b) services taken care of and contact Southwick Associates today.