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Market Development

Fishing & Hunting Market Development

What makes for good business in one country can be disastrous in another. Southwick can help governments, agencies and businesses in other countries learn how to increase fishing & hunting market development in the United States, and help U.S. interests understand how to tap new fish and wildlife-related markets – recreational or product-related – in other nations.

Southwick also assists in identifying trade barriers and offers insight on overcoming those barriers. Southwick’s related experience in this arena includes assisting United States alligator producers understand how to operate in China and Russia as well as opening up opportunities for them there, helping United Kingdom boating firms establish business operations in the United States and quantifying the size of new overseas markets for various domestic firms.

There are many different types of anglers and hunters who will travel for new experiences. Does your nation offer the services and infrastructure they seek, or will they visit another country instead? Southwick Associates can determine if you have the right services, accommodations, transportation and other infrastructure necessary to serve to attract the tourists interested in your nation’s fishing and hunting opportunities, the improvements needed to attract more and potential returns on investments from such investments. Please contact Rob Southwick to discuss how Southwick Associates can best serve you.