Understanding Activities That Compete With Hunting and Target Shooting

This study was sponsored and funded by the NSSF to examine and understand the activities that compete with hunting and target shooting and to learn what these people are doing when they don’t hunt or target shoot. This phone survey asked hunters and target shooters to name the activities that are drawing them away from hunting and target shooting, and it asked them about what attracts them to these alternatives. In short, this study will help the hunting and recreational shooting community know its competition and better answer the question, “How can we better compete for hunters’ and target shooters’ time?”

The study focused on six states, chosen to include a broad geographic spread, as well as to include a range of states from those with increasing trends of hunting license holders to those with decreasing trends of hunting license holders since 1990. The states included in the study are Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Washington. See results by downloading the report linked below.

Understanding Activities that Compete with Hunting and Target Shooting (2011)

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