Outdoor Recreation Economic Impact Analysis


Reports and Analysis for Fisheries and Wildlife Agencies

Today’s fish & wildlife agencies are under increasing pressure to handle more responsibilities while working with less resources, including tighter budgets and fewer staff. State and federal legislators rarely understand or appreciate the mission these agencies are tasked with, but many do understand dollars and cents. It is absolutely critical that agencies quantify their efforts, including identifying the economic returns from fish and wildlife programs, the economic benefits of conservation efforts and the revenue generated and monies spent by sportsmen. With Southwick Associates’ fish & wildlife agency economic research, we can do just that.

Economic Research Benefits

Southwick Associates helps agencies identify revenue generated directly by their programs, the number of jobs created by conservation-related recreation and the benefits of these expenditures to the greater community including hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and other businesses.

Economic Research Examples

Click on the examples below of how Southwick has helped other agencies:

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