The Missing Link in R3: Making Mentorship Work

“Mentoring” has been increasingly emphasized within the R3 community as a priority effort needed to help reverse the declining trend in hunting and target shooting. However, virtually nothing is known about what approaches and tactics might be needed to motivate, recruit, support, and manage mentors and mentees a large scale. Without an objective understanding of these elements and their programmatic feasibility, it is doubtful that current mentoring efforts will be able to meaningfully boost hunting and target shooting participation. This project relied on data gathered from multiple surveys and focus groups to answer questions such as “What characteristics differentiate mentoring from other R3 effort-types?”, “Where do we find people willing to mentor and how large is that population?”, “What motivates mentors and mentees?”, and many more.

The Missing Link in R3: Making Mentorship Work (2020)

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