Public Perception of Southeastern State Fish & Wildlife Agencies

To effectively manage fish and wildlife resources, state agencies must understand their customers and others who have a voice in the decisions, actions, or future of the natural resource agency. In October 2023, Southwick Associates fielded a survey on behalf of 12 southeastern states to both recreational license holders and non-license holders to learn more about several topics, including:

  1. How relevant their state fish and wildlife agency is to them,
  2. How important the various responsibilities handled by their state fish and wildlife agency are,
  3. Whether they believed the state was doing a good job fulfilling these tasks,
  4. Funding priorities,
  5. Interactions with the agency, and more.

A summary report is available as well as a more detailed technical report.

2023 SEAFWA Agency Public Perception - Summary Report

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2023 SEAFWA Agency Public Perception Technical Report

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