Southwick Associated fields a quarterly survey at that helps the sportfishing industry and fish & wildlife agencies track angler participation and purchasing trends. Using email and the web, this service surveys a panel of anglers across the U.S. at the end of each quarter. Each survey will ask the participant if they:

  • Fished in the previous months
  • How many days they fished
  • Which species they sought when they fished in the previous months
  • Which types of fishing activities they undertook in the previous months
  • Which fishing products they purchased in the past quarter, with sub-questions including: Brand purchased, Amount spent, Where the purchase was made (mass merchandiser, specialty store, independent, online, etc.), Details about the product (type of lure, etc.)

Fishing Participation & Equipment Purchases Annual Report

Single year-end topline AnglerSurvey report.  Includes participation, and equipment purchases including brand purchased, price paid, and type of store for a wide range of products.  Year-end and prior year information are presented for comparison.

Angler Survey Sample

Regular Price: $2,600

Fishing Participation & Equipment Purchases Report; Subscription (6 Reports)

Topline report tracking participation, and equipment purchases, including brand purchased, price paid, and type of store for a wide range of products.  Report is compiled from information collected bi-monthly from the Southwick Associates proprietary sportfishing consumer panels.  Subscription includes six bi-monthly reports (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec) and the annual year end report.

Regular Price: $4,700. ASA Member Price: $3,995.

 Reports by Activity

Topline report detailing participation and equipment purchase information for a specific activity of consumer.  Reports available for the following activity:

  • Bass Anglers (View Sample); (Available April 1, 2019)
  • Fly Fishing
  • Rod/Reel/Combo Purchasers
  • Kayak Angling

Regular Price: $2,400

Custom Reports/Special Topic Questions

Custom crosstabs and reports not available through the syndicated reports can be developed from the vast database of information collected through the Southwick Associates sportsmen panels.  In addition, Southwick Associates allows space in each survey for inclusion of custom proprietary questions, available on a first-come basis.

Quoted separately.

Select Category Reports

Annual topline report for a single product category in our AnglerSurvey report.  Includes overall participation information, and equipment purchase information for all products within a category.

Regular Price: $1,700

  • Fishing Rods, Reels, and Combos
  • Fishing Line – monofilament, super-line or braid, fluorocarbon
  • Lures – hard bait, soft bait, live bait, spinner bait, dough bait, jig
  • Terminal Tackle – bobbers, hooks, leaders, rigs, sinkers, swivels
  • Fly-Fishing Gear – fly rod, fly reels, fly rod/reel combo, fly rod case, flies, fly leader and tippet, fly line, fly tying tool and vise, fly tying material, fly vest, pack bag, fly fishing chest wader, fly fishing open toe boot, fly fishing wading boot, fly fishing rain jacket, fly fishing sun glove)
  • Fishing Electronics – fish finder or sonar, GPS or radio, underwater camera
  • Fishing Apparel – footwear, hats or headgear, raingear, clothing, waders, gloves, life jacket or vest, fishing vest
  • Other Fishing Equipment – tackle box, bait buckets or aerators, cast nets, hook sharpeners/removers, pliers, knives, landing nets, scales/grips/measuring devices, stringers, trolling motor