Most Frequently Purchased Hunting and Shooting Equipment Brands in 2021

FERNANDINA BEACH, FL. — As Americans continued to enjoy the outdoors in 2021, purchases of hunting and shooting equipment remained strong as well. Southwick Associates completed more than 11,000 hunter and recreational shooter surveys in 2021 through their online HunterSurvey and ShooterSurvey consumer panels and identified the top brands purchased in the market. A sampling of some of the most frequently purchased brands in 2021 include:

  • Traditional Rifles – Savage
  • Air rifles/Air guns – Sig Sauer & Crosman
  • Handgun Ammunition – Blazer
  • Rifle Ammunition – Federal
  • Reloading Press – MEC
  • Reloading Components – Hornady
  • Scopes – Vortex
  • Red Dot Sights – Sig Sauer
  • Trail Cameras – Cuddeback
  • Game Feeder – Moultrie
  • Scent – Dead Down Wind
  • Benches & Rests – Caldwell
  • Clay Targets – White Flyer
  • Gun Cleaning – Hoppes
  • Slings – Magpul
  • Shooting Stick – Primos
  • Choke Tubes – Carlson
  • Magazines – Magpul

 Results of the Southwick Associates consumer tracking study are available in the Hunting & Shooting Participation and Equipment Purchases Report. This in-depth resource tracks hunting & shooting participation and equipment purchases for approximately 100 products. Purchase information includes the percentage of sales across different types of stores, brand purchased, price paid, and demographics for hunters and shooters buying specific products. Additional participation information tracked includes total days spent per activity, type of hunting/shooting activity, preferred species, and where they hunt. Reports are available both as a single annual report, or as a subscription to quarterly reports through the year.  Southwick Associates also develops custom research to assist companies with their business decisions including market assessments, product development, customer segmentation, brand health, pricing, and more. To purchase a report or discuss custom research, contact Nancy Bacon at