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Who Drove 2020’s Fishing & Hunting Participation Surges? New License Dashboard Insights

Last year was an incredible year for fishing and hunting license sales. New insights are now available detailing this unprecedented surge. The license-sales dashboard, developed over the past several years via a partnership of state fish and wildlife agencies, sportfishing and hunting trade associations and sportsman’s organizations, helps explain the types of anglers and hunters driving trends and more.

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The Missing Link in R3: Making Mentorship Work

The Wildlife Management Institute recently teamed up with Southwick Associates and D.J. Case & Associates to examine the practice of “mentoring” in both the hunting and shooting sports. The R3 community has long assumed that using existing hunters and target shooters to introduce potential participants in an apprentice-like relationship, whether by personal invitation or programmatic paring, is key to producing new hunters and target shooters when family or friends support is not available.

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