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Bass Angler Buying Habits Revealed

With 26 million recreational anglers working the rivers, lakes and oceans each year, fishing is big business in America, and none is bigger than bass fishing, which attracts 11 million dedicated enthusiasts. For businesses and organizations focused on serving this audience, understanding where they spend their money and what they actually buy is critical. Manufacturers, retailers, marketers, outfitters and even gas stations and hotels can improve profitability if they can pinpoint anglers’ buying habits. Now, using The Southwick Bass Fishing Report, finding out this information has never been easier. Just a couple of important facts available in the report include:

  • 56 percent of anglers surveyed have an annual household income of $50,000 or more with nearly 16 percent bringing in more than $100,000 a year.
  • 77 percent of bass anglers use artificial lures and baits.
  • More bass anglers (56 percent) fish from the shore, a dock or other land-based structure than  from engine-powered bass and other style boats (49 percent).
  • More than 98 percent of bass anglers made some kind of fishing-related purchase last year.


The report is produced by Southwick Associates and is the first, comprehensive report of its kind to offer details on complete demographics and buying habits of America’s bass anglers. The reports include information on what they buy, where they buy and how much they spend. There is also a detailed analysis of which media most influences their buying decisions, such as favorite television programs, magazines, websites and social media sites.


“Annual fishing expenditures total approximately $45 billion dollars in this country with roughly $16 billion of this dedicated to bass fishing. This market segment represents significant buying power and tremendous marketing opportunities to fishing brands,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates. The 2011 report is available now, and a copy of the 2012 report, due to be released by March, can be placed on reserve.


To learn more about bass angler buying habits or get your copy of The Southwick Bass Fishing Report, contact John DePalma at or 303-552-8454.




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