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Reaching Hunters and Anglers via Outdoor Media


Every quarter, Southwick Associates checks where America’s angler and hunters go for their outdoor information and entertainment. The results are used by companies to help plan their marketing and communication […]

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Who Are the 24 Million Who Want to Buy Their First Firearm?


In our Fall 2019 newsletter, we introduced a new study completed by Southwick Associates for the National Shooting Sports Foundation that describes the eight segments that comprise the 24 million Americans interested in buying their first firearm. With these results, states and NGOs can enhance their R3 efforts. In this issue, we provide greater insights into these potential new excise tax-paying customers.

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What Does the Covid-19 Restrictions Mean for Conservation Funding?


Conservation stands to gain from the Covid-19 restrictions now in place across the nation. As seen in past times of uncertainty, license sales and Federal Aid in Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration excise tax collections increase. What’s happening now?

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Understanding the U.S. Firearms Consumer


Business growth depends on understanding consumers’ evolving needs and why they would choose one product over another. Not all firearms owners are the same, and each has their own motivation to own a firearm.

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Market Reports Now Available from Southwick Associates


Consumer spending in both the sportfishing tackle market and the hunting & shooting equipment market grew in 2018, with sportfishing tackle posting a 12% gain and hunting & shooting equipment posting an 11% gain over 2017. Although fishing participation was relatively flat in 2018, consumers spent more on fishing equipment overall.

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Preferences and Motivations of Indoor Range Users


Indoor shooting ranges represent an essential sector of the shooting industry in the United States. However, relatively little research has been done on the customers of indoor ranges. Pertinent questions include the reasons that customers choose to use indoor facilities versus outdoor shooting ranges, preferences for various range amenities and products, and, perhaps most importantly, how indoor range operators can best reach new customers and stay engaged with current ones.

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How to Market to POTENTIAL Firearm Buyers


In 2016 a study conducted by, Southwick Associates and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) estimated there were roughly 24 million individuals who were not firearm owners but were seriously considering purchasing their first firearm within the next few years. Based on their primary motivations for wanting to purchase their first firearm, potential first-time buyers were divided into eight segments.

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Fishing, Hunting and Shooting Media Insights from Southwick Associates

SAMM Article

Consumers are bombarded daily with messages from a variety of media types, making the right media mix and choices critical for companies to break through the noise. Southwick Associates Media Monitor (SAMM) is a go-to source to help businesses and organizations understand the best way to reach their outdoor customers.

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Who Do Recreational Anglers Trust?


There are many factors influence a person’s decisions and activities, especially in today’s information age of websites, social media and 24-hour news cycles. The question is who do anglers trust to provide the most reliable information on which they base their decisions?, an online bi-monthly survey conducted by Southwick Associates, the nation’s leading outdoor market research and economics firm, took a look at who has the most influence on recreational anglers’ purchase and fishing decisions and the results were split depending on what decision was being made.

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What Happened to State-Level Economic Data on Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Viewing?


The state-level results from the 2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Viewing are questionable as new techniques and a new vendor were employed to lower costs and release funding […]

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