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Cracking the Code: New Report Offers Insight on Marketing to Millennial Hunters, Shooters

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — Hunting is often seen as a traditional activity, and marketing to those enthusiasts who love to hunt and recreationally shoot has often focused on core messages that have always worked for manufacturers, retailers and organizations trying to reach them. Millennial hunters and shooters—those born between 1981 and 2000—have challenged this conventional wisdom, confounding today’s outdoor industry marketers with their changes in spending patterns and motivations. But are they that different?

A new study conducted by Southwick Associates, “The Millennial Report: Comparing Millennial and Non-Millennial Hunters and Shooters,” sheds new light on understanding this economically emerging and increasingly important market. Millennials are the largest living generation of Americans today totaling 75 million in 2015. While there are definitely generational differences in millennial and non-millennial sportsmen, there are also a number of similarities. The one-of-its-kind report offers analysis on participation and purchasing activities identified through Southwick Associates’ and panels, as well as primary research from other Southwick Associates sources to understand how millennials identify themselves, and what sources of information (media) they are most apt to use and respond to.

“Millennial hunters and shooters are often viewed as an elusive group, challenging conventional industry beliefs on how sportsmen respond to traditional marketing messages and make the purchase decisions they do,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, a leading outdoor industry market research and economics firm. “By identifying their motivations to participate in hunting and shooting as well as how they make key purchases, companies and organizations can improve not only their messaging, but also how and when they deliver those messages for maximum benefit to the bottom line.”

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Southwick Associates is a market research and economics firm, specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing, and outdoor recreation markets.  For more than 25 years, Southwick Associates has established a proven record for delivering comprehensive insights and statistics assisting business and strategic decisions across the entire outdoor industry; from government agencies, industry associations and non-profit organizations, to affiliated businesses and manufacturers.  Aside from custom market research, Southwick Associates also provides syndicated participation, media consumption and equipment purchase tracking studies utilizing their proprietary sportsmen panels.