Fishing, Hunting and Shooting Media Insights from Southwick Associates

SAMM ArticleConsumers are bombarded daily with messages from a variety of media types, making the right media mix and choices critical for companies to break through the noise.  Southwick Associates Media Monitor (SAMM) is a go-to source to help businesses and organizations understand the best way to reach their outdoor customers.  SAMM is a quarterly study that tracks hunters, shooters, and anglers use of outdoor media including television, magazines, websites, social media, podcasts, and more.  The study also ranks the top magazine titles, television programs, websites, social media influencers, and podcasts.  Each SAMM report also includes “Digging Deeper” feature that provide more detailed insights into outdoor media consumption habits such as attributes of television programs or magazines that are important to hunters, shooters, and anglers.

According to the Southwick Associates Media Monitor in the second-quarter of 2019, magazines and internet/social media were tied as the top outdoor media source for hunters and shooters, and internet/social media was the top source among anglers.  Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures was the most watched television program by hunters and shooters.  More detailed insights in the “Digging Deeper” feature indicate that although Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures was most watched, respondents indicated “MeatEater” was their favorite.  Both hunters/shooters and anglers are looking for truthful and accurate programming, as well as programs that emphasize values, ethics, and sportsmanship.

The SAMM report is available as a subscription to the four quarterly reports, or a single quarter report may be purchased.  For more information on the Southwick Associates Media Monitor, custom insights, or to purchase a report, contact Nancy Bacon (