It’s a Different World – Do Your Fishing and Hunting Products Need Reconsideration?

In the last two years, fishing and hunting participation has significantly shifted. As new customers enter and existing customers change their lifestyles, their product preferences and price tolerances change. Businesses need to constantly evaluate their products and pricing, and ensure they are not cannibalizing their own sales, if they want to maximize revenues. Southwick Associates has assisted many manufacturers in the fishing and hunt/shoot space in identifying optimal prices and the ideal combination of product features customers want in new products. Using advanced statistical methods, our approach entails assessing years of past sales data along with direct customer input. To learn more about how Southwick Associates can assist, please contact Nancy Bacon ( 

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  • Results from a two-year effort identifying how to improve mentoring 
  • State-by-state economic contributions from hunting and target shooting 
  • An in-depth look into 2020’s participation surges in fishing and hunting 
  • Firearm owner personas 

If your agency has need for outside statistical evaluation or economic research, please contact us to discuss the issue and possible solutions ( For over thirty years, we have served state fish and wildlife agencies and organizations supporting the outdoor lifestyle. Let us help you!