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Southwick Firearms and Ammunition Market Report Reveals Never Before Seen Data

For Immediate Release:  Aug. 6, 2013

Southwick Firearms and Ammunition Market Report Reveals Never Before Seen Data

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — Record sales of firearms and ammunition have made headlines since 2008 with last year posting an all-time high number of background checks for firearms purchases at 16.8 million. But businesses involved in the shooting industry might be surprised to know in which product categories are most of that money is being spent. Do modern sporting rifles command the most-units-sold list or do handgun sales still reign? Ammunition is hard to find, but which calibers are showing the most sales and move quickest off store shelves?

For the first time, detailed market size information is now available to manufacturers, retailers and the rest of the industry. Southwick Associates, the outdoor industry’s leading research and survey firm, is offering the 2012 Size of Firearms and Ammunition Market Report.  Presented are detailed market size estimates, reported in retail dollars, for all types of firearms and ammunition, such as sales of traditional rifles versus tactical or modern sporting rifles. The report also breaks down total sales of handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders and air rifles as well as rifle ammunition, handgun ammunition and shotgun ammunition – by gauge and caliber – to provide the most accurate picture of the market available.

“Sales of firearms and ammunition have set records in recent years, changing our understanding of the size and composition of the market. This report provides smart companies with the insights needed to make the best marketing and investment decisions possible,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates.

Southwick Associates utilizes proprietary market data from their own research combined with the most recent and reliable data from a variety of key government sources—including federal excise tax collections—to compile the report.

For pricing information or to purchase a report, contact John DePalma, with Brand Intelligent, at or 303-552-8454.

About Southwick Associates: Southwick Associates was founded in 1989, serving state fish and wildlife agencies, sportfishing and hunting industries, and non-profits. We specialize in economic and business statistics related to fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation. Our expertise includes measuring retail expenditures by anglers, hunters, wildlife viewers and other outdoor recreationists; quantifying the jobs, tax revenues and other economic impacts of outdoor recreation; tracking trends within outdoor industries; identifying major distribution channels and the overall structure of specific outdoor-related industries; and analyzing the value of fish and wildlife resources and their uses including land transactions, new business ventures, fish kills and more. Visit us at