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Study Reveals 24 Million Potential New Firearm Buyers

news1Twenty-four million Americans indicated an interest in purchasing their first firearm to either go hunting, target shooting or to own for protection. With the demographics and attitudes of today’s and tomorrow’s firearm owner rapidly changing, NSSF partnered with Southwick Associates to understand who these potential customers are and how best to connect with them. A survey was conducted among the general U.S. population that identified those who don’t currently own a firearm, but are “very likely” to do so in the next five years.

The results of the study indicate that potential new firearm buyers are not all the same. Eight major, unique segments were identified based on their motivations to buy and the preferences they hold for firearms and accessories. These segments are not based on their demographics, as people do not buy products based on their physical appearance or location. Instead, people decide to buy products, and select specific products, to satisfy personal motivations and preferences. For example, one segment prefers premium quality and unquestionable precision while another group desires everyday functionality and acceptable craftsmanship for a reasonable price. By understanding why consumers decide to buy a firearm and the reasons why they favor specific firearms, companies can improve their product mix, marketing efforts and enhance their customer relationships. In addition, each segment has a set of motivations for wanting to take up a shooting sports activity, which will help boost recruitment and marketing initiatives. Click here to download the free report.

An additional needs-based market segmentation study is available on current firearm owners, defining and explaining consumers of firearms and related accessories. Contact Nancy Bacon at to learn more about consumer segmentation resources available to you, including custom inquiries matched to your products, niches and needs.