Top Fishing, Hunting and Target Shooting Brands for 2019

Anglers, hunters and recreational shooters continue to spend billions of dollars for equipment each year, but what are the brands they are purchasing the most?  Southwick Associates surveyed more than 9,000 anglers and 20,000 shooting sports enthusiasts in 2019 through our online outdoor consumer panels to identify the top brands in the market. The most frequently purchased brands for selected products in 2019 include:

Sportfishing brands:

  • Fishing Rods – Shakespeare
  • Fishing Reels – Daiwa
  • Fishing Line – Berkley Trilene
  • Hard Bait – Rapala
  • Soft Bait – Zoom
  • Hooks – Eagle Claw
  • Swivels – Eagle Claw
  • Fishing Hats or Headgear – Under Armour
  • Raingear – Frogg Toggs
  • Clothing (shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, etc.) – Columbia
  • Tackle Box – Plano
  • Bait Bucket, Aerator – Marine Metal (Big Bubbles, Cool Bubbles)
  • Cast Net – Fitec SuperSpreader
  • Scale, grip, measuring device – Berkley
  • Trolling Motor – Minn Kota


Hunting & shooting brands:

  • Shotguns – Mossberg & Remington
  • Rifle Ammunition – Federal
  • Handgun Ammunition – CCI
  • Broadheads – Muzzy
  • Bows – Bear
  • Propellant/black powder – Pyrodex
  • Bullets, balls, and/or shot – Hornady
  • Reloading dies – Lee Precision
  • Reloading powder – Hodgdon
  • Reflex/Red dot sights – Sig Sauer
  • Scopes – Vortex
  • Scope/accessory mounts – Leupold
  • Tree stands/ladders/towers – Big Game
  • Trail Cameras – Wildgame Innovations
  • Cover Scent – Dead Down Wind
  • Benches & rests – Caldwell
  • Holsters/ammo belts – Alien
  • Trigger assemblies/trigger guards – Timney
  • Bipods – Harris


The full lists of brands plus other market insights for hundreds of product categories are available from Southwick Associates via our Fishing Participation and Equipment Purchases Report and the Hunting & Shooting Sports Participation and Equipment Purchases Report.  Equipment purchase information includes the percentage of sales across different retail channels, brand purchased, price paid, and demographics for consumers buying specific outdoor products.  Additional participation information tracked includes total days spent per activity, type of hunting/shooting activity, preferred species, and where they hunt.  Separate reports are also available focusing on the participation and equipment purchases of Deer Hunters, Turkey Hunters, and Waterfowl Hunters.

Southwick Associates also develops custom research to assist companies with their business decisions including market assessments, product development, customer segmentation, brand health, pricing, and more. To purchase a report or discuss custom research, contact Nancy Bacon at